by JKB3

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I woke up at 3:07 shiverin
Seems every night gets too cold to sleep
Crawl across the hardwood to the closet
Sleepwalking's forced me to tie up my feet

My thoughts are scattered and my vision's blurry
But I still see that brown barn owl
He's perched atop my alarm clock staring
He hunches over and begins to howl, he says

"Boy you got it easier than most, best believe it
Cos there's quite a long ways to fall if you don't see it
Never stop looking down or you'll regret it
Cos the end of the line will make damn sure you don't forget about it

Catchin up to where you think you oughta be's unnecessary
Goin down on fame to be the greatest ain't a corollary
Toil so hard your fingers crack and blister, it's obligatory
And don't ever think you'll be free as me"

Say no more, for all I hear is evil
Pray no more, I'm less Peter than Paul
Rock the cradle, though it is long empty
My head was swimmin when my best friend called

So much trauma hiding under the surface
Like grassy knolls where wars were waged
How'd you idle with a flaming engine
Or would you have rather driven away?

Well good goddam the room starts to spin
Gonna brave this mystery city with the bitterest of gins
The apocalyptic question hanging over my head:
How were you so graceful when surrounded by death?

It seemed invisible to you, so committed to the present
Pregnant with possibilities of poetry and resplendence
Givin time to those around you, never gonna be hewn
I don't ever think I'll be as unbreakable as you

Can't help but grieve for those I never knew...

Don't wanna bask in your glory
Don't wanna weep at your grave
Don't wanna step anywhere near your toes
Cos I just wanna see you stomp around for one more night.


released April 10, 2014



all rights reserved


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